Hello, I am Rachel Scott

Thanks for visiting iamrachelscott. If you haven't already looked around the site, you’re going to discover that you’re on a lifestyle blog. You’ll find anything from short stories to poems, to insights on Florida travel destinations, to restaurant and bar recommendations. I hope you’ll dip your toes in the sand and stay while! 

As for me personally? I'm a Florida transplant trying to live my best life alongside my very vibrant, loving, and demanding Catahoula named Kiwi. We spend a lot of time outside—she's a high-energy dog, so we get to see a lot of parks and beaches in the Tampa Bay area. When she's catching up on some Zs, I'm often hanging out with friends and family, finding new places to explore. I'll share my new finds with you if you'll share yours with me. 

Rachel Scott

Born in 1991, I've been a bit of a gypsy. I've lived in Illinois, Alaska, Hawaii, California, Missouri, and Florida. By day, I'm a Digital Marketing Manager, but by night, I'm a lifestyle blogger. I look forward to getting to know you and hope you enjoy perusing my blog!