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10 Delicious Pizza Places to Try Around Tampa Bay

Let me start this by saying this… I. Love. Pizza. I have a deep, deep love affair with pizza and it speaks to my soul. I usually eat pizza 2-3 times a month and I make sure to try different pizza places in every town I visit. I would eat more pizza, but I try to be at least a teeny tiny bit healthy with my food choices. But, that’s neither here, nor there. Check out these 10 delicious pizza places you need to try around the Tampa Bay area. I’ve included locations and a price estimate so you can get a better idea of what to expect when you try your new fav pizza joint!

Pizza Place #1: Julians Little Italy | Dunedin

Julian’s Little Italy isn’t just a pizza place. It’s actually a tiny Italian restaurant tucked away in Dunedin. From the front, you probably wouldn’t guess that it’s delicious because it’s in a random strip mall, but you’ve got to give this one a try. Literally, everything I’ve eaten—from chicken parm, to lasagna, to chicken alfredo, to pizza—has been delicious which is why this tops my list for the #1 pizza place to try around Tampa.

Cost: $

Pizza Place #2: Queen’s Pizza | Clearwater

Here’s another hidden gem. Located off Belcher Road in Clearwater, I used to work super closeby to this restaurant. With a little bit of a thicker crust and lots of ooey-gooey cheese, this pie is something to remember. AND! The best part about Queen’s Pizza is they do small pizzas for less than $8—a good option for lunch!

Cost: $

Pizza Place #3: Slyce Pizza Bar | Indian Rock’s Beach

This pizza joint makes my list for a number of reasons. It’s delicious, it’s right off the beach, and I have fond memories of this place thanks to an amazing date I had here this year. We opted to do a split pizza, half white and half pepperoni. Usually, I’m a pepperoni and extra cheese kind of gal, but that white pizza was the best one I’ve ever had and I highly recommend it. Slyce gets pretty packed though, so be prepared for a bit of a wait if you’re going during peak dining times. (That’s standard with any restaurant near the beach.)

Cost: $$

Pizza Place #5: Mellow Mushroom | Clearwater

Now I know Mellow Mushroom isn’t ONLY in the Tampa Bay area—they’ve got locations all over. But, if you don’t have one in your area or just haven’t been here yet, you need to try their pizza. They’ve got a crust unlike any other I’ve ever had. It’s gluten-free (not that I particularly care about that) and made with spring water. It’s delicious! Plus, they use some quality toppings. I’ve tried the Great White, the House Special, and my usual and they were all excellent pizzas.

Cost: $$$

Mellow Mushroom Great White Pizza | Photo by Rachel Scott

Pizza Place #6: Cappy’s Pizzeria | Tampa

Cappy’s Pizzeria is another recent find thanks to yet another good date night. (This guy knows my love for pizza and makes sure I get my fix!) I haven’t eaten at the restaurant yet, only got pizza to go, but the building is super quaint and quirky. They’ve got a decent variety of beers to choose from and their pizzas are the cheesiest. I made the mistake of ordering extra cheese the first time—totally not necessary because these pizzas have the perfect amount of cheese from the get-go. Plus the people who work here are kind and fun.

Cost $$

Pizza Place #7: Tony’s Pizza | Dunedin

Not only does Tony’s Pizza have tasty New York-style pizza, but it’s open until 3am on the weekend which is amazing because Dunedin has a pretty lively night scene on the weekends! Also, Tony’s does pizza by the slice so if you want a piece or two, or an entire pizza, you’ve got options.

Cost: $ - $$

Pizza Place #8: Westshore | Largo

Westshore is another chain pizza place, but… it only exists around the Tampa area so I’m cutting myself some slack for including this delicious option. It’s got a good New York-style pizza. I’ll admit, I’ve NEVER had authentic New York pizza, but I know a few people who have and they also agree that for being in Florida, it’s pretty damn good pizza. So there you go!

Cost: $$

Pizza Place #9: L’oven Pizza | Dunedin

I love L’oven Pizza! Haha okay, I couldn’t resist from saying that, but seriously, this is another good, local pizza place. Located in Dunedin right off of 580, it’s easily accessible. And while they don’t have room to eat-in, they do carry-out and delivery. These are some very cheesy and saucy pizzas, so just pick your toppings and enjoy! (Side note: they cute their pizza’s into square slices. A small detail, but some people really care about how their slices are cut, so I thought I’d mention it.)

Cost: $$

Pizza Place #10: Eddie and Sam’s N.Y. Pizza

Basically everyone in the Tampa area rave’s about this pizza place called Eddie and Sam’s N.Y. Pizza. The first time I ate it, I wasn’t impressed. The line was out the door and my pizza crust was burnt so when someone suggested we eat there again, I was hesitant. However… I’m glad I gave this pizza joint a second chance because it was good. Genuinely good! So if this is your choice pizza place to try, be warned you might be in for a bit of a wait because this one is a popular place! Oh, and they have gelato for those of you with a sweet tooth.

Cost: $$

I wasn’t kidding when I said I love pizza. I hope you like my recommendations and if you happen to try one of them, take a photo and let me know how it goes! Otherwise, for more Tampa Bay recommendations, subscribe to my emails.

Main Image by Ivan Torres on Unsplash.