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10 Fun Facts About Me

I thought it might be fun for those of you who've been following me for a little bit now to get to know me a little better. So here are 10 fun facts about me that you might not have known!

Fun Fact #1: I’ve Pet A Lion’s Tongue

This just might be the most surprising thing about me and is my favorite fun fact to toss out there!

When I was in my early teens, my parents took me and my sister to this place called The Reptile Ranch. I know what you’re thinking… why was there a lion at a place called The Reptile Ranch? I really don’t know, but it was and that’s what makes this story even stranger.

So we took a tour of this place and got to see all the cool insects, amphibians, and reptiles. During the tour, they took us outside where we saw some emus and a lion. The lion was behind this massive chainlink fence, but beyond that, there wasn’t anything else to keep you from walking directly over to the creature.

The lion stood right by the fence that day, panting and soaking up the sun. As we approached, it barely paid any attention to us. The guy filled us in on the lion and asked if we’d like to pet it. As children, we were SUPER excited and didn’t think anything of it. He instructed us to place our hands in the lion’s mouth and gently pet its tongue to feel the roughness of it.

So we did!

This is one of those things I wish we had a photo of because it was so crazy.

Fun Fact #2: I Hate Chocolate

I know, I know, I know… It’s weird that I don’t like chocolate. I just can’t stand it. I don’t even like the smell.

Fun Fact #3: My Favorite Color Is Teal

I’m one of those people who likes bold colors and my all-time favorite color is teal. There’s something about it that’s soothing and calls to me. I'm also a bigger fan of cool colors in comparison to warm colors. I enjoy the calming feeling they tend to encourage in comparison to the energy that reds, oranges, and yellows create.

Fun Fact #4: I’ve Never Had A Manicure Or Pedicure

Lots of people think this is something every woman has done at least once in their life, but I haven’t. I have this weird thing where I don’t want people touching my feet and I work with my hands a lot, so it seems like a waste of money on that front. Love how nails can look with them, and maybe one of these days, I’ll give it a shot.

Fun Fact #5: I Have A Birthmark On Top Of My Head

My natural hair color is a dirty blonde or light brown—depends on who you ask. But within that, I have a white spot that actually changes the color of my hair to a white blonde. That chunk of hair also doesn’t hold dye very well. I hated it as a child, but now I love it. Gives some extra dimension to my hair.

Fun Fact #6: I Wanted To Be A Flying Dog When I Was A Child

Yeah, yeah, I know… A flying dog isn’t an actual career, but I was a kid and I had a wild imagination. Besides, wouldn’t that be a freaking awesome dog?! You get lots of love and food AND you can fly! I call that a win-win.

But don’t worry, those career goals have evolved a little bit over the years. ;)

Fun Fact #7: I Went On 23 First Dates In 2018

23 dates in one year might not sound like a lot, but when you take into consideration that I’m the type of person who likes to text and get to know the person for a bit beforehand, that’s a lot of effort for no success. Don’t get me wrong, I had a ton of fun and met some interesting people along the way! However, I really hope I never go on that many dates in one year ever again.

Fun Fact #8: My Favorite Food Is Pizza

This one might be pretty obvious based on some of my previous blog posts—like the one where I list 10 pizza places in Tampa to try.

It’s true though, I absolutely love pizza. My favorite toppings are pepperoni and extra cheese. Simple, classic, and still delicious! And people who don’t like pizza… I don’t trust them! Haha kidding. Kind of.

Fun Fact #9: I Love Flamingos

I don’t really like birds and I’m not a huge fan of the color pink so it might come as a big surprise that Flamingos are one of my favorite animals on this planet. There’s just something so awkward and majestic about them and it calls to my soul—I feel kindred to them. Plus, they look super cool!

Fun Fact #10: I Own A Catahoula

Want to challenge yourself? Get a Catahoula!

Haha, that might sound like a joke but it's not. Catahoula's are not your typical dog. Sure, they're beautiful, loving dogs, but unlike a lot of popular dogs, Catahoula's do not aim to please. They are exceptionally stubborn and insanely smart so if you're not going to lay down the law and force them to stick with it—REPEATEDLY—they will take over and destroy your house. I should know... my dog Kiwi ate my couch as a puppy because I wasn't firm enough with her and didn't give her enough exercise. Keep in mind, she was getting 2 miles of exercise a day. Now, she gets a MINIMUM of 3, tons of enrichment toys, and playtime with me and/or other dogs.

Sounds like a lot? That's because it is. If you think you can handle it, think again. Then, if you still feel like you're up for the challenge, be prepared for one of the most loyal and amazing dogs you will ever have.

Your Catahoula will make you laugh with their goofiness and wow you with their smarts. And when your friends ask you if you would recommend your dog's breed for other people, you'll probably find yourself saying what I did which was, "Hell no, most people wouldn't be able to handle a Catahoula."

Now that I've told you all that, let me tell you how much I absolutely LOVE my dog. Kiwi is my closest companion. She shares my bed with me and I love that she's the first and last face I see every day. She's so damn silly and knows how to cuddle with the best of them.

Would I adopt another Catahoula? Absolutely! But only if I bought a house with a fenced-in yard or some land!

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me a little better. I hope to get to learn some fun facts about you all! Don't forget to share them in the comments.

Main Image by Vicko Mozara on Unsplash.