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4 Reasons to Vacation in Tampa in 2020

I read a lot of various blogs and articles—a lot. Mainly because I thoroughly enjoy learning and have a general curiosity for life. The topics range from anything marketing related, to social media, to travel, to literature, to finance, and more. In one of the recent travel articles I read, Laura Begley Bloom suggested Tampa as one of the cheapest places to travel to in 2020 so I thought I’d add on to her piece and tell you some reasons (other than being cheap) to vacation in Tampa in 2020.

Reason #1: Proximity to Beaches

From the Tampa Airport, it’s almost a straight shot down 60 to Clearwater Beach—number 5 on the Travel Channel’s list of top-rated beaches in the USA.

On top of that, there 18 beaches around the Tampa Bay area that you can choose from. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a touristy beach, someplace chill, a good fishing spot, there are options. Most of which are relatively inexpensive too—just keep an eye out for parking costs because they do not joke around when it comes to parking tickets at the beach.

Now, if you’re anything like me and enjoy shelling, fishing, and relaxing, you’ll want to check out my top 3 favorite beaches.

Reason #2: Good Food

There’s no shortage of restaurants to try around the Bay area either. And a lot of them are local or small chains. I’m a big supporter of family-owned restaurants. I feel like the quality and flavor of the food tends to be a lot higher than chains.

Don’t get me wrong—there are some good chain restaurants in the area too. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find more than your fair share of them.

As for types of food, you can find anything your little heart desires. There’s Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, Native American, German, Cajun, Turkish, Greek, Korean, and the list goes on!

Reason #3: Activities

Not everyone likes doing the same thing on vacation. Some people like to bar hop, some like to hit up amusements, other people like to hike, and then there are people who like to shop. Basically, if you can think of a vacation activity, there’s a place for you to enjoy it in Tampa.

Here are just a few ideas of things to do around Tampa Bay:

  1. Busch Gardens

  2. The Florida Aquarium

  3. The Zoo

  4. Kayaking

  5. Ciro’s Speakeasy

  6. Top Golf

  7. Salvador Dali Museum

  8. International Mall

  9. Historic Ybor

  10. Fort De Soto Park

  11. Henry B. Plant Museum

  12. Explore Downtown Dunedin

  13. Lightning Hockey Game

  14. Rays Baseball Game

  15. Rowdy’s Soccer Game

  16. Hilsborough River State Park

  17. Weedon Island Preserve

  18. Adventure Island

  19. Tampa Museum of Art

  20. Fishin on Pier 60

  21. Parasailing

  22. Celebration Station

  23. Bar hop in Downtown St. Pete

  24. Show at the Straz

  25. Tampa Riverwalk

I could keep going… But, I won’t because I think you get my point. You and whoever you travel with will definitely be able to find some activities to stay entertained. Also, if you’re looking for a few more ideas, check out this list from The Crazy Tourist.

Reason #4: The Weather

Florida is known as The Sunshine State, so if that doesn’t make things clear for you, let me spell it out for you…

We get a lot of sunshine! And not that type of sunshine you get up north during the winter where it’s blindingly bright but freezing cold outside. We get sunshine with warmth! The best kind of sunshine!

On top of that, even though we have a rainy season, you can expect plenty of opportunities to get sunshine during that time of year as well. During the rainy season, we typically get an hour or two of rain, followed by blue, sunny skies afterward.

Don't believe me on the weather? Visit the Weather Atlas and get an overview of what you can expect for Tampa temps and rainfall.

Basically what I’m saying is there’s no reason NOT to visit the Tampa Bay area on your next vacation! Well unless you’re looking for snow… then we can’t really help you with that. Otherwise, this place is the perfect destination to add to your vacation bucket list.

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