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6 Perfect Date Night Ideas Around Tampa Bay

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Maybe you’re single and looking for a great way to wow someone or maybe you’re in a relationship and tired of doing the same thing every night for date night. You’re in luck! Here are 10 perfect Tampa Bay date night ideas!

Date Night Idea #1: Celebration Station

This one is for those of you who aren’t afraid to show off your inner child! From arcade games to go-kart racing to batting cages to mini-golf to laser tag, there’s no shortage of activities. I went here on a first date once and honestly, I had an amazing time. It made me feel like a kid again! We competed in just about every activity we had and by the end of the night, we couldn’t stop laughing. So if that’s what you’re after, I highly recommend Celebration Station.

Date Night Idea #2: Ciro's Speakeasy

I’ll admit this date night is a bit pricey—probably not a first date idea, but more of a romantic night with your S.O. kind of idea… A guy once took me to this speakeasy for a birthday dinner a few years back and it truly was an experience to remember. For starters, you have to typically book reservations a week or so in advance. Then, they give you a dress code and tell you the rules. About a day or so before your reservation they call/text you with a code word that you absolutely need to get in. It’s in a super low-key area and if you didn’t know this speakeasy was there, you would NEVER guess it!

Date Night #3: Sunset on the Beach

Okay romantics, here’s one for you! Take your partner to the beach, bring a blanket, and a bottle of wine or two. It’s a great way to spend the evening on the cheap and really get to talk to one another. Plus, you get a good view! Just make sure it’s not raining or super windy on the night you plan on going because that’ll put a damper on your plans—pun intended.

Date Night #4: Park & Rec

Want to play games, have fun, and throw back a few drinks? Take your date to Park & Rec in downtown St. Pete! During the week, this can be a fun way to let loose and get silly with your date. Although, if you’re trying to go on the weekend, you might not be able to have a conversation with whoever you’re on a date with—it gets pretty damn busy and the music is loud. But, if you’re okay with that, still a good time!

Date Night #5: Bar hopping in Downtown Dunedin

Whether you want chill bars or some more lively bars with dancing, Dunedin has a little bit of everything. Rosies Tavern has a lovely patio where you can enjoy the weather while House of Beer is more of a divey settings with some bar games. You’ve also got a few breweries to choose from and a really fun nightclub called Blur. So pick your mood, pick your setting, and pick up your date for some bar hopping in this adorable town!

Date Night #6: Sparkman Wharf

This spot is a good one if you want some options. There’s an outdoor area with shipping containers that house both bars and food options. Plus there are lawn games and plenty of seating. On top of that, there’s a bowling alley called Splitsville, so if you’re having a hard time stirring up some conversation with your date, you can try to beat your date in a round of bowling as a distraction.

Those are just a few of my date night suggestions. I've tried them all out and they each have their merits. Try one of these date night ideas and tell me how it goes!

Image by Shifaaz Shamoon on Unsplash.