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Happy Halloween From Florida!

It’s October 31st! You know what that means—it’s Halloween. Happy Halloween from Florida!

Here’s how I celebrated the holiday this fall.

For starters, I kicked off the month by putting up Halloween decorations all around my apartment on October 1st.

Here's a pumpkin, there's a pumpkin, everywhere's a pumpkin!

But really, every year, I make sure to set aside some time on the first day of the month to get in the spirit. A few years back, my mom made me some absolutely adorable pumpkin decorations and I just love putting them on display.

After that, I made sure to watch one of my favorite Halloween movies, The Nightmare Before Christmas. It’s a classic! I also like It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and Hocus Pocus. Both oldies, but goodies!

I’ll admit this year was one of my slower Halloween seasons. I only went out for one Halloween event and I did that on October 26th. I explored Sparkman Wharf with some people and then we hit up a Halloween party at one of my all-time favorite bars in the Tampa Bay area, Park & Rec. They’ve got tons of outdoor games, great music, good food, and relatively inexpensive drinks!

That’s not all I did though!

On October 28th, I let my inner child run free and carved a pumpkin. I also make sure to do this every year because it’s just something fun and cheap. There’s something about reaching deep into the guts of a pumpkin and pulling out all the squishy bits that brings you back down to earth.

As for Halloween itself, I didn’t do anything wild. But we did have a small Halloween celebration at work. Some of us dressed up—I was the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.

Along with our costume contest, we had a spooky food contest for our potluck. I made a bucket of worms using a recipe I found online. I made some minor adjustments to make the recipe more how I wanted, but it was a fun one to create!

I didn't win, but I did get some votes and good reviews on the taste. If you're curious about what won, it was my co-worker's cat poop cake. And let me tell you... that thing looked disgusting—but in the best way possible. She totally deserved to win!

What’d you do to celebrate Halloween this year? Did you dress up? Tell me all about it!

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